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Online Focus Groups are virtual online discussions to probe customer behavior and preferences

SIS uses the latest online software to conduct business, consumer, and other research that requires online qualitative research. Online focus groups are essential to providing consumer data to organizations, brands, and researchers that cannot readily conduct offline focus groups. There are two types of online focus groups. The most common are chat-based groups, and groups that use webcam and audio. Respondents in focus groups who prefer anonymity have been shown to open up more online, providing valuable and accurate assessments on certain sensitive subjects.

SIS Online focus group Market Research solutions offer the following advantages:

  • Cost savings with the savings of facilities and food expenses
  • Elimination of travel expenses
  • Savings with the high cost of transcripts
  • Rapid recruitment of respondents Ease of simultaneous translations

Highlights of Online Focus Group Recruitment

  • SIS has 35+ years of experience with in-person and online focus groups. Our team is highly skilled in the development of screeners and discussion guides.
  • We recruit from our panels, which consist of respondents that have participated in past qualitative and quantitative projects
  • We over–recruit at least 2 respondents for each focus group
  • We call the respondent to verify that they pass the screener
  • We deliver a daily recruitment report to our clients for approval
  • All respondents are confirmed prior to the groups

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Why Choose SIS?

SIS International is not your typical intelligence firm. Our projects have spanned over 120 countries. Here is why we are different and how we provide value to our clients:

  • Our Project Management Skills
  • Excellent recruitment and Superior analysis & reporting
  • Bi-lingual and excellent moderators
  • Our high value and cost-effectiveness
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