Market Research in The Mariana Islands


The Mariana Islands is a crescent-shaped island chain made up of fifteen dormant volcanic peaks in the western North Pacific. The people speak several native languages, but most can speak English. The Asians are the most common ethnic group within the islands, but Native Hawaiians also have a strong presence.

Another key point is that it is a US territory. Most people are Christian, but some also practice Buddhism. Folk religions are present on the islands. The currency is the United States dollar (USD).

Key Industries

Tourism is the main industry. Rota and Saipan are major tourist centers offering luxury hotels. Most of the tourists come from Japan and the United States.

Many of the people earn extra income by farming taro, breadfruit, yams, and other crops.

People come from all over the world to invest in the islands. Thus, the islands’ production of clothing and accessories has expanded. The garment industry is now a large part of the Northern Marianas economy.


Saipan, the largest island, is in the north. It is home to Susupe Village, where you’ll find the main office of the judicial branch of government. The other two branches are in Capitol Hill Village.

Tinian is another of the major islands. It is home to the City of Tinian, one of four major cities of the northern islands. The largest village on Tinian is San Jose.

Also known as the “Friendly Island,” Rota lies south in this group of islands. In early Spanish records, “Zarpana” was its name. Rota derives from a Spaniard who may have named the island after the city of Rota in Spain.

Saipan, Tinian, and Rota are all paved, but public transport is almost non-existent. Instead, shuttle buses serve large towns. The islands use air transport, but several cargo ships carry freight between them. Saipan is the largest port, followed by Tinian and Rota. Saipan has an international airport, while Rota and Tinian have small airports.


The population of the islands has increased from previous years. Also, more people have been connecting to the internet. More people are also using social media. Twitter and Facebook are two of the major social media apps in use, and people also use Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There are also several mobile connections.

Benefits and Strengths in the Market

In all sectors of the marine economy, tourism and recreation are by far the leading employers.

Second, the islands protect US laws, including those related to the US judicial system. They also recognize copyrights, trademarks, patents, and intellectual property.

The fact that the US dollar is the official currency is another benefit. There are no restrictions on the return of profits or capital to your home country.

Reasons to Grow Your Business in the Mariana Islands

First, the islands are close to major Asian markets.

There are also many tax benefits. For example, people working on the islands don’t have to pay income taxes.

The third reason is visas. Tourists from Japan and South Korea enjoy complete visa-free treatment.

Another benefit is the islands’ US duty-free ports.

Finally, there’s also a benefit for companies licensed in the islands. Such companies are exempt from the US Ship Documentation Act.

About Market Research in the Mariana Islands

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