Ideation and Idea Generative Sessions

sis ideation

Harness collective insight for decision-making

“Ideation” refers to the creative process of eliciting, developing, and disseminating new ideas. New ideas can range from small changes in thinking to breakthrough ideas that revolutionize markets and bring about paradigm shifts. Breakthrough innovations often require deeply-rooted insights, often not evident on the surface.

Our clients approach new idea generation differently. For example, incremental innovations are about resolving known needs in the market. Adjacent innovations require that core competencies be formally shared throughout the company. Radical innovation hinges on discovering sources of value that even the customer might not know exists.

Our Approach:

Our approach leverages time-tested best-in-class ideation processes and our understanding of local social dynamics. The process of ideation is often best conducted between structured and autonomous processes in such a way to maximize the efficient generation and diffusion of ideas.

In ideation sessions, a flat organization can encourage efficient diffusion of ideas. This can be accomplished in the organization of the session, arrangement of diverse participants and attention to how status and other social dynamics might impact consensus.

The culture of the sessions is important in cultivating idea diffusion. Active participation in idea generation should be rewarded to stimulate discussion. Even seemingly inefficient activities can enhance idea diffusion and improve productivity.

For idea generation of insight our researchers use over a dozen of best-in-class, time-tested techniques to elicit and evaluate ideas for our clients’ decision making.