Market Research in Comoros

Market Research in Comoros, Africa

The Union of Comoros is in the Indian Ocean. This island chain is an East African nation since it sits right off the Eastern coast of Africa. Its neighboring countries are Mozambique, Madagascar, Seychelles, Tanzania, and Mayotte. And it is also a part of the African Union.

The official religion of Comoros is Sunni Islam, and it is a member state of the Arab League and the only Arab nation located entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. The people of Comoros speak three official languages: Comorian, French, and Arabic, and there are two existing ethnic groups in Comoros. The majority of the population is Afro-Arab, and there is a small group who are Malagasy. This country’s currency is the Comorian Franc.

Key Industries in Comoros

Agriculture is the primary industry. Some people supplement it with hunting, fishing, and subsistence farming. Agriculture employs most of the country’s labor force, which is essential to the people and the economy since it accounts for most exports. Vanilla, cloves, perfume essences, and copra are the main exports.

Comoros is the world’s leading supplier of ylang-ylang, an essence used in the manufacture of perfumes. The country is the world’s second-largest supplier of vanilla while crops such as bananas, coconuts, and cassava are grown for the population’s consumption. These foods play a part in their daily cuisine.


Moroni is the capital and largest city of Comoros and sits on the largest of the three main islands-Grand Comore. Moroni is home to a port and a museum, which serve as tourist attractions. The infrastructure maintains a traditional Arabian look, even with modifications to buildings. The city has many mosques, but Moroni has Christian churches and temples as well.

Benefits and strengths of the Market

Comoros cultivates ylang ylang. It’s a strength because it is in specific demand in the beauty/cosmetic industry. The country has the capacity and workforce to be the primary producer of this commodity to the world, however, Comoros is very dependent on trade for many things, including food items. The country has been able to maintain the supply of its spices and essences, however, it has also developed good international relationships for trade.

Trends in Comoros

Comoros is a poor and developing nation. The country possesses both natural and human resources but doesn’t have the means to make the most of them. Like many other developing countries, human resources need work, consequently, Comoros’s skilled and educated people have been migrating to France, causing a brain drain. That is why the development of their industries is slow. Subsistence agriculture remains the leading economic activity.

Consumer Base

About two-thirds of the population of Comoros lives in rural areas, and the rest occupies the capital and other cities. The Comorian islanders shop in places such as the Volo Volo Market for local goods. Vendors there sell spices, oils, cloth, jewelry, crafts, and more. Their buyers are both the people of Comoros and tourists passing through the islands. Comoros also has several food markets. Here, consumers buy crops, processed and imported foods, and other items.

About Market Research in Comoros

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