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Advancements in mobile and digital technologies have added immeasurable value to the ethnographic research approach. SIS is at the forefront of adopting and pioneering numerous “mobile ethnography” methodologies that are making this research approach the “Go To” solution for product developers and marketers.

App Ethnography:

In this methodology, respondents are asked to download a smartphone app specifically designed for ethnographic research. The app allows respondents to post photos, videos, audio content, and written feedback to create an ongoing multimedia journal of their experience with the research subject. This offers numerous advantages over the traditional, in-home approach to Ethnographies, including:

  • Longer research duration
  • Less biased/influenced insights
  • Organic feedback
  • Larger sample size

  • Respondent-driven insights
  • Reduced cost

Researchers are all too familiar with the challenges associated with gaining access to environments like shopping malls, healthcare facilities, and private offices where internal security policies preclude conducting research. Now, with the advent of this revolutionary technology, these environments can be precisely replicated for a respondent anywhere. SIS is implementing the most cutting-edge virtual technology to bring new frontiers of value and insight to clients.

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