Green Industry Research

Today, green industry research is growing rapidly.  The term “going green” has imprinted itself into the minds of consumers and in contemporary culture. Sustainability is now a major strategy for many businesses.  The future is here.  Green is now, and it is good business.

It is important to know the attitudes, preferences, and belief systems of the consumers you most want to reach. Other research concerns can include awareness of government policies and public sentiment which can impact your operation. Expert marketing research can assist your company in harnessing public sentiment and in helping your green endeavors to bear fruit.

Many industries are going green – energy, food, automotive, cosmetics, clothing, health, travel. SIS utilizes Green Industry Research to support organizations with insights into emerging trends, regulatory policies, relevant costs, market assessments, and targeted consumer profiling. Our focus groups, phone interviews, street intercepts, and market analysis efforts are just a few of the ways we’re helping successful businesses go green and succeed.

SIS International Research provides the marketing insights, data, intelligence, and analysis to help address strategic opportunities and challenges. With climate change in the news and environmental awareness at an all-time high, green businesses are poised to excel in the 21st Century.  We provide:

  • Key Opinion Leader Research
  • Thought Leader Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • B2B Decision Maker Research
  • Consumer Interviews
  • Best Practices Research
  • Market Opportunity, Entry and Sizing Research