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Consumer Market Research Data Collection

These are exciting times to do business. Why? Because times are changing and so are the rules. Companies that sense emerging trends and adapt to the evolving mindset of today’s consumers, will not only survive but thrive in the years ahead.

Consumer Market Research SIS

Consumers today, locally, regionally, and globally are faced with a wide range of “advertising” online, print, media, and through social networks.

Consumer lifestyles are influenced on a constant basis with advertising messages from their home, school, and work environment. SIS has expertise with innovative research methods that “tap into the consumers’ minds” and follow them through their customer journey.

What is Consumer Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research is an essential first step in the market research process. It helps marketers to understand the fundamental reasons behind consumer choices. Analysts conduct this type of research using unstructured questioning or observation. It complements quantitative analysis by explaining its results.

What is Consumer Quantitative Research?

Quantitative research gleans information from a healthy sample of individuals. This type of study emphasizes the measurement side of things. Researchers produce statistical records to measure a prevailing hypothesis or problem. Unlike qualitative analysis, quantitative research has a tight structure.

Consumer Food Purchasing Market Research

Consumer Market Research Solutions

Consumer Market Research can help these businesses by uncovering the needs of a prospective target market. Companies can use market research to test opinions, attitudes, usage and behaviors. They can also use it to gain insight into the competition or new opportunities. Market research helps firms to gauge the thought processes of the consumer. Analysts use several methods, including the following:

  • Focus Groups: Researchers can use focus groups as a type of qualitative research. They must first gather a group of people. The researcher then asks them about their attitudes toward a product, concept or idea. The focus group format has several advantages. It’s a low-cost method, and candidates are more likely to be forthright. It is handy for project evaluation and needs assessment purposes.
  • In-Depth or One on One Interviews: Market researchers use this tool to collect data from consumers of rival products. They also use it in circumstances where their client needs an expert opinion. They use it when gauging high-level executives, business owners, and critical opinion influencers. They also use it for community leaders, specialists, and technicians. In-depth interviews are useful to gain insights from experts on any delicate topic.
  • Online Video Interviews: Researchers can now use FaceTime, Skype, and similar platforms to interview participants. Video interviewing offers a real-time connection. It is cost-effective, thus researchers can increase the variety of samples. Online interviews work well as a complement to face-to-face interviews.
  • Telephone Interviews: Researchers carry out telephone interviews, as their name suggests, over the phone. They can use them as depth interviews, using a topic guide. Researchers also use telephone interviews for quantitative research. They can conduct the interviews via a CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) system.  This method allows the researcher to upload responses right away for analysis.
  • Online Surveys: Researchers favor this method for many reasons. It’s easy to profile prospective respondents to ensure that they’re right for the survey. It’s also a cost-effective method. Researchers can cross-link the information received with qualitative data. Online surveys also make it easy to interview hard-to-reach respondents.
Gen Z Market Research

The Impact of Digital Innovation and Disruption

The world is seeing an unparalleled wave of innovation and disruption. Some have compared it to the dawn of commercial electricity in the early 1900s. The technologies related to this wave include Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Also included is the Internet of Things and online interface design. Online Shopping, Home Assistants, Smart Technology and Mobile Technology have the potential to impact the Customer Journey and Experience for billions of people.  These technologies will continue to progress. They will also magnify one another’s impact during the next few years.


Consumer market research enables companies to use innovations such as Omnichannel marketing. Omni-channel is a seamless experience, regardless of device. Consumers can now engage with businesses by calling them on the phone or using a smartphone app. They can also use a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Marketers can use Omnichannel to “listen and respond” on preferred devices.

Companies can start understanding the new consumer. They can also comprehend the unique challenges that they present. If they want brand loyalty, they must change the way in which they approach research. They will relate better with their consumers by contextualizing their outreach.

What We Do

Since 1984, we’ve specialized in essential areas of consumer products, electronics, energy, cosmetics, pharma, automotive, travel, and more. Through advanced Global Market Research, our business is allowing companies to connect with and retain their target customers.

We understand that navigating the contemporary business landscape is complex. Our sophisticated research methodologies, data and intelligence analysis, and unparalleled insight into ever-changing markets, cultures, and consumer mindsets, can make the difference for your company and position you well to succeed in this new and challenging era.

Technological advancements and changing customer demands have required businesses around the globe to instantaneously evolve in order to keep pace and remain relevant. SIS is ever-vigilant to changing trends and times. The next generation has its own ideas and requirements which must be addressed by companies which are serious about survival in this millennium. Allow SIS International Research to be your bridge to better business in this time of incredible opportunity.

Consumer Market Research Global

SIS covers a wide range of industries for consumer research.


  • In-depth interviews of executives who purchase advertising in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, evaluating how they spend their advertising budgets and their media needs.


  • Quantitative study on apparel in the UK and Germany
  • Market study in the US for women’s apparel
  • Market study in the US for infant wear
  • Market study in the US for swimwear
  • Market study in the US for menswear
  • Market study in the US for fabrics
  • Market study for upscale women’s apparel and accessories
  • Market study for sneakers in Japan
  • Intercept study on mid-level apparel stores in France, Spain, and South Korea


  • Global qualitative study of automobile drivers and consumers in Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK.
  • US survey of consumers to determine their attitudes about using premium gasoline
  • Conducted focus groups with consumers who have purchased high-end cars

Beverage – Non Alcoholic

  • Analysis of the market for Japanese coffee makers
  • Organized a discussion panel of mothers and single people for a juice manufacturer
  • Conducted focus groups for global beverage company
  • Market intelligence survey to determine the market size, potential, and optimum distribution of a drink product from Mexico into India

Beverages – Alcoholic

  • Conducted focus groups for a new beer can in the US
  • Quantitative study for a new product concept for beer in the US
  • Conducted focus groups for vodka in the US

Credit Cards

  • Conducted global quantitative study of consumer credit card usage in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America

Consumer Preference Studies

  • Quantitative study that determined consumer preferences for imaging equipment
  • Interviewed affluent women to study their spending habits
  • Conducted a study to determine whether or not a particular brand’s store conforms to its overall brand identity

Consumer Readership Studies

  • Evaluation of reading trends for publications in Latin America, determining who read selected magazines and their attitudes and level of usage

Competitive Intelligence Studies

  • Quantitative study covering the US, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic to determine what competitive products are produced in those countries and how they are promoted
  • Business intelligence study about the competitive environment of the cutlery market in Europe and Latin America
  • Field research to locate and purchase competitive coffee maker products in the UK, Spain, and Germany
  • Evaluation of competitive air filtering systems for consumers in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, and Spain
  • Competitive evaluation of air treatment products and filtering systems
  • Competitor profiles of major consumer products firms: their global strategy, globalization of key products, global branding successes, and failures
  • Competitive analysis of the R&D departments of large consumer products firms
  • Market intelligence study covering apparel and infant wear offerings of mass merchandisers in the retail industry
  • Created a competitor profile for a major consumer products firm
  • Global strategy competitive assessment for consumer goods and packaged foods supplier
  • Analysis of the reorganization of a major player in the consumer products industry and its implications for the firm
  • In-store interviews with business owners in Chinatown, New York
  • Competitive Intelligence Study on the Contact Lens and Contact Solutions Markets in the US
  • Conducted a competitor analysis on the aroma care and insect killer markets in the US