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SIS Packaging Market Research

Packaging is also known as the packing function. Another way to look at it is as the art of placing and protecting products for storage, sale, delivery, and use. In other words, packaging prepares products for storage or transport. It has become further developed in recent years. Packaging became popular during the last century, and marketers use it in many different ways to boost sales.

Packaging dates back to 1035 when merchants visited markets in other countries. The sellers wrapped their spices, veggies, and hardware in paper packages for customers. Over time people got better ways to pack things. They started using natural materials like baskets, wooden boxes, pottery vases, and woven bags. The field progressed when Michigan State began to offer degree courses in the subject of packaging. From there on, it started getting the attention of buyers.

Why is Packaging Important?

Packaging has a large number of benefits. It is handy for many companies worldwide. The primary use of packaging is to protect the products from extreme heat and cold. Further, it safeguards them from getting crushed, and protects them from vibration and loss of quality. Also, it keeps the product safe from leakage, breakage, dust, and moisture.

Proper packaging also benefits customers and handlers. The display on the packaging makes it easy for them to carry their goods. The different containers and packing styles also make the job easier for handlers.

Other reasons are:

  • To enable marketing
  • Build profits
  • Add to brand image
  • Provide easy product ID
  • Prevent products from going bad

Key Job Titles

A job in this area involves some physical activity and one has to be organized. Apart from the usual packing and shipping, this industry has benefits for employees. Packaging has a wide range of jobs, including packers, assembly technicians, loaders, and warehouse workers.

Packers deal with arranging and shipping for vendors. They work in warehouses preparing the shipments of products. They do the measuring, weighing, and so forth of packages.

Warehouse workers are in charge of receiving stock and sorting it. By the same token, at times they have to prepare packages and do inventory checking. They generally work with heavy equipment every day.

Why do Businesses Need Packaging Market Research?

First, businesses need this industry for the safety of the product. It protects the product during shipping from different locations. Packaging also keeps the product safe during shipment and prevents damage from the movement. Another key point is that it ensures that customers don’t receive broken items that they will need to bring back to the company.

Marketers need packaging for promotion, also to increase sales and consumers. It’s also an excellent way to let customers know how to contact you and order even more products. All in all, the packaging is a needed part of the branding process.

Key Success Factors

Marketing and packing go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, companies use the labels on the packages to attract potential buyers to the company. These tags tell consumers how to order and give them the location and contact information, as well as product uses. It even explains how to dispose of and recycle the product. It draws customers to buy more of the products.

Packaging is one of the most typical ways for marketers to build their brands. It increases sales and can at least boost the company’s image.

About Packaging Market Research

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