Social Media Market Research

Social Media Market Research

Social media is everywhere, and everyone is on it.

Many companies however don’t recognize the effect it is having on their business. Social media still consumes just a small amount of most business budgets, but that will surely change in the very near future.

Those who aren’t onboard and aware of changes that are happening at a blistering pace, are missing out on tremendous social media marketing opportunities and may end up missing the boat altogether.

At SIS International Research, keeping up with rapid changes in the world of social media and mobile communications is imperative. Whether paying for ad placement on Facebook, or transferring money on Snapchat, social media interactions are increasingly sophisticated and provide businesses with unprecedented opportunities to integrate new technologies into their strategies and be ground floor participants in the new media revolution. SIS can analyze the effectiveness of your social media outreach and assist you in making the best course corrections and strategic choices moving forward.

Social media platforms are proliferating and dispersing rapidly and it is a complex undertaking to understand and incorporate them into your business strategy. SIS International Research will help you invest and tap into the trends that will make you more competitive, in S-Commerce, mobile geotargeting, private customer interaction and messaging, omnichannel strategies, social video integration, and more.

SIS International Research provides:

  • Online Ethnography & Netnography
  • Online Insight Communities
  • Social Listening
  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Interviews

The future is now and the possibilities for profitability are infinite. This is no time to be anti-social.