Alcoholic Beverage Market Research

Alcohol Beverage Market Research

The Alcoholic Beverage industry is evolving

The market is complex, with changing tastes, competition, shifting trends, and evolving marketing channels.

Many advertising campaigns struggle because companies did not anticipate a change in customer tastes and purchasing habits at a critical moment in time.

Whether firms are introducing new products to new cultures, or testing reactions to existing products in the midst of branding re-alignments, leveraging the most accurate consumer data is essential.

Digital Disruption in Alcohol Beverages

New digital touch points are opening new services, such as delivery and online purchasing of beverages.  The Customer Journey has evolved with customers increasingly researching brands and products before purchasing.  The rise of Omnichannel allows retailers to track purchases and unify communications across channels. Increasingly digital lifestyles are changing the preferred places where people go to enjoy beverages.

About Alcoholic Beverage Market Research

Research provides data, insights and analysis that are critical to product launches and product positioning efforts. It provides awareness of emerging consumer behaviors and opportunities for competitive advantage.

Focus Groups capture the pulse of targeted product-users to best assess consumer needs, taste preferences, attitudes, and attraction to emerging trends.

Our access to a large, multi-culturally diverse respondent pool allows us to zero in on the information businesses need most.

Mobile outreach efforts, social media campaigns, advertising and packaging analysis; all these are critical in giving firms the confidence to make crucial decisions regarding markets around the world.

Forward thinking businesses are reaching out to developing economies, tapping new markets and identifying key drivers for the trends which define which products will be profitable.  We have conducted large Alcoholic Beverage studies in China, the Philippines and other markets.

Wine and Spirits Gifting Market

As part of the business opportunities in the spirits portfolio, gifting (personal and corporate) forms an area of strategic importance.  We have conducted research with the super luxury-gifting segment, which can range from spirits, non-spirits and other luxury products.  

  • Understand the current and future opportunities map
  • Understand strategic potential spaces for brands. 
  • Gain a segmentation of segmentation – of spaces, customer segments and opportunities
  • Gain an understanding of the premium and super deluxe segment & the brand opportunities for both the segments
Whiskey Market Research Spirits Market Research

How Alcohol Market Research can uncover Opportunity

Market Research can achieve the following:

  • Understanding the broad purpose of premium & super luxury gifting – the emotional, rational, social & psychological significance
  • Identifying the entire spectrum of a premium & super luxury gifting map (corporate & personal)
  • Within the premium & super luxury-gifting map, looking at key segments, which will be spirit and non-spirit, and reasons why.
  • For each gifting segment define the occasion focus, needs, understanding the potential role of spirits/ non-spirits and the potential role for the brands in the two segments
  • Appreciating the barriers and motivators to gifting spirits, with eventual emphasis on the brands in the premium and super deluxe segment. 
  • Uncovering the role of formats and how can they potentially affect the gifting patterns
  • Discovering the role of the various brands and how can they identify a greater share in the gifting map: understanding the codes, symbols and future opportunities. Eventually, arriving at current and future segments to increase share of business
  • Understanding the barriers to spirit gifting with an emphasis on the brands. 
  • Determining growth opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) Emerging Markets

We can uncover the emotional motivators behind purchasing:

  • What gifting means to them
  • Emotions behind it
  • Importance of gifting
  • Anecdotes around gifting

We can uncover deep insight on the:

  • Occasions/moments of gifting
  • Recent moments of gifting
  • When / What/ who do we gift
  • Feelings and emotions of gifting in each moment
  • Criteria to keep in mind when selecting a gift
  • Gifting options and how is the final decision made, what is it based on
  • Brands chosen for gifting and reasons behind selecting the brands
  • Emphasis on understanding spirit gifting moments in detail