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Strategy Research for Entrepreneurs

Growing your revenues through exporting or opening branches of your business in other countries can build your business. But how should you do this effectively? Can you reduce the risks attached to your significant investment?

Many entrepreneurs rely on their networks of family, friends and associates and have followed those networks instead of market opportunities. Some have succeeded, but many have failed. There is a better way to take advantage of the real opportunities in other markets.

SIS International Research can provide your company with the information you need to make excellent business decisions on the proper strategy for expanding your operations outside of your current area of business.  SIS International has been assisting 80% of the Fortune 500 largest companies to do this in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe for over 30 years.

We can provide you with a report with information specific to your company, written only for your company. SIS International can tell you where the best markets are for your products. We can give you the data you need to decide whether to export your products, open a subsidiary or form a partnership with another company to exploit this opportunity. SIS International can inform you about the competitors already in the market and those who might be planning to approach it.

SIS International can help you develop a strategy that will succeed in the market where you want to be and where you can take advantage of real opportunities.

SIS International can show you the relative sizes of market opportunities and explain why some markets are more difficult to enter than others. We can identify prospective partners and distribution channels. We can inform you on relevant laws and regulations and help you get started in new markets where you can succeed.

There are many opportunities for you and your company. SIS International can help you take advantage of them.

SIS International provides accurate information. We provide this information quickly—so you can take advantage of it now. And we provide excellent value for money.

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