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Strategy Market Research

SIS International Strategy Market Research

Seeking to achieve a sustainable, competitive edge in the market?  Need to understand targeted and nuanced intelligence of your competitors?  Pursuing M&A and seeking Targets (or Buyers) as part of your growth initiatives? SIS Strategy Market Research can help.

SIS International Research is a founding pioneer and recognized leader in the discipline of Market Intelligence (MI) Research.  Since 1984, SIS International has provided strategic business research to many of the world’s largest and most influential companies.

SIS International Research’s Strategy Market Research Division works closely with our clients to help them win in their respective markets.  Having worked with Fortune 500 companies for the last three decades, SIS has established a solid reputation in brand equity analysis, strategic advisory, competitive intelligence and M&A Due Diligence research, among other major service offerings.

How? By leveraging our:

Integrated Research & Intelligence

When effectively integrated, market research (MR) and market intelligence (MI) provide a powerful management tool for executive decision making. Most important, robust complementary CI and MR initiatives will enable your executives to avoid surprises, identify threats, vulnerabilities and opportunities, forecast and anticipate future competitor actions, and out-think the competition.

Our analyses and access to information help organizations to evaluate their underlying market assumptions, allowing them to plan for, and even simulate, a myriad of future market scenarios. It also enables them to assess current and future investments, manage risks, provide new ideas on business operations, and improve their reaction time to industry developments.

Our service offerings include:

  • Brand Equity/Brand Health Research
  • Competitor Benchmarking Research
  • Business Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence Services
  • Competitive Analysis Training
  • Export Potential Assessments
  • Global Knowledge Teams: Retainer Services
  • Global Market Intelligence Tracking Service
  • Intelligence Answering™
  • Market Entry / Market Sizing / Market Opportunity
  • Market Tracking and Monitoring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence Research
  • ROI Analysis
  • Sales and Demand Forecasting (Market Potential)
  • Strategic Planning Research / Strategic Sourcing
  • Strategic Intelligence Network Development
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Our Credentials

  • Over 35 years’ experience and expertise in MI project work

  • Our successful partnerships with over 70% of the Fortune 500 and many of the world’s most influential companies
  • Extensive thought leadership, including 3 books authored by SIS staff and published by the American Management Association
  • Founding member of SCIP, the industry body for MI, in 1986
  • Our founding principles originating from our beginnings as a strategic research consultancy