Virtual Reality Market Research

Virtual Reality: Quantifying Qualitative Insights

Now, with advancements in 3D and digital interactive technologies, researchers are beginning to simulate and test new store, product and ad concepts.

Companies can build new product concepts using Virtual Reality and test those concepts using VR methods.  The result is more rapid and robust findings.  Clients of Market Research benefit from rapid product development and quality of insights.

Patent-pending technology now makes it possible for respondents to engage in consumer environments without leaving their homes or a research facility. By wearing a virtual reality device allowing for high-resolution, 360 degree representations of any environment, researchers can conduct techniques like shop-alongs and in-home ethnographies without leaving the research facility while respondents enjoy an exciting, high-tech experience.

Additionally, eye-tracking and motion monitoring devices within these virtual reality instruments can measure every aspect of a respondent’s interaction with products and consumer environments. With this technology, researchers can now quantify qualitative observations, and gain an unprecedented level of insight into how their customers think and behave.

Some of the groundbreaking applications of this technology include:

  • Virtual Store Experience Research

  • Ad Testing

  • Visualization of Products in the Consumer’s Home

  • Product Testing

  • Vehicle Feature Testing

  • Usability Testing (UX)

Virtual Reality avoids some of the challenges associated with conducting research in-person at places like shopping malls, healthcare facilities, and private offices. Now, with the advent of this revolutionary technology, in-store experiences and products can be precisely simulated for a respondent anywhere. SIS is implementing the most cutting-edge virtual technology to bring new frontiers of value and insight to clients.