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SIS International Research is a full service Global Market Research and Strategy Consulting firm with over 35 years of industry experience. Headquartered in New York City and with on-the-ground offices worldwide, SIS is uniquely positioned to offer clients in-depth insight into the global marketplace. We deliver the around-the-clock project management and client servicing that is essential in a 24/7 global economy.

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Online Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups are virtual online discussions to probe customer behavior and preferences. Online focus groups offer the following advantages:

  • Cost savings with the savings of facilities and food expenses
  • Elimination of travel expenses
  • Savings with the high cost of transcripts
  • Rapid recruitment of respondents Ease of simultaneous translations

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Data Analytics

At SIS Research, our reports are clear and easy to digest. We have experienced agents. We gather and analyze your data much more quickly than an internal team could do. We are your partner for Data Science and Data Analytics. Contact us for your next Data Analytics project.

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