>Car Clinics Market Research Experience

Car Clinics Market Research Experience

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SIS International Research has extensive Market Research experience over 30 years in the Automotive industry.

We frequently conduct Car Clinics in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Below is a selection of our experience in Automotive Car Clinic Research:

  • Conducted focus groups of very low-incidence car owners in the Los Angeles area
  • Conducted a large, low-incidence and luxury automotive study (F2F, CATI) in Washington DC.
  • Conducted recruitment and fieldwork at a large car clinic in Los Angeles for a major European auto manufacturer
  • Conducted a quantitative and qualitative study for Hyundai Kia Motors about vehicle options (features)
  • Conducted a large parking sensor study in the NYC metro area, involving complex logistical setup, fieldwork execution, test driving and equipment handling.
  • Conducted fieldwork at a large, luxury car clinic in New York for a European auto manufacturer, involving simulators and in-depth fieldwork.
  • Conducted a large scale quantitative study of US consumers’ attitudes toward premium gasoline.
  • Conducted competitive assessments on firms in the wire harness business for the automotive and trucking industries
  • Conducted a study on BMW 1er Cabrio buyers and non buyers that went to the dealer to collect information with serious interest in buying the car, but then decided to buy a competitor car instead.
  • Conducted a study across various sales literature from a costumer perspective among BMW 3 series & BMW X3 & BMW Z4, BMW 5 series & BMW X5, and BMW 6 series & BMW 7 series
  • Conducted a study on luxury car dealership experience: recruitment of luxury car owners or leasers or those who owned or leased on in the past 10 years for a discussion group
  • Conducted a multi country quantitative study among consumers as well as professionals in Asia, North America and Europe, where the objective was to understand global attitudes towards electronic parts among consumers and professionals
  • Conducted a market assessment on the market potential for auto-care products.
  • Conducted a strategic research study on the Mexican automotive market including manufacturing, distribution, etc.
  • Conducted a strategic information audit for a major automotive manufacturer that provided strategic and competitive information into the system on an ongoing basis.
  • Conduct a competitor profile study on automotive components, producers, and distributors.

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A Sample of Our Current and Past Clients

  • Daimler Chrysler Benz
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • Honda
  • MTS
  • Nissan
  • Shell
  • Toyota
  • Volvo North America