Research Interview for Physicians

We are conducting a compensated project on behalf of our client, Verilogue, the premiere global healthcare communication and education company providing insight and unique access to healthcare interactions.

We are currently looking for physicians who would be interested in taking part in an interesting research project. Those who qualify and take part in this research will receive a compensation of 200 dollars for EACH completed submission (more details below).

Please take a moment to review the following information. If interested we kindly ask that you take just a few seconds to complete a short pre-screening survey (just a few questions) so that we can see if you would match the criteria. Scroll down to bottom for short pre-screening survey. 

Explanation of Participation

Each month our panelists are given a list of patient interaction types to record for their specialty, based on the projects we’re conducting.

You as a Healthcare professional would visit with their patient as you normally would, but if one of your patients fits one of the requested interaction types, you can record the interaction on our smart phone application (we would provide instructions) after obtaining patient consent of course! Short pre-screening below.

We are in compliance with HIPAA as the patient will sign two short consent forms (we would provide this)

We are offering 200 Dollars Per Complete

Please see some more information about the research sponsor. 

Verilogue, a division of Publicis Health, is a specialized marketing research firm committed to helping pharmaceutical companies improve communication between physicians and their patients, and to improving health outcomes.  Verilogue has collected over 120,000 anonymized recordings of physician-patient conversations worldwide and analyzed them, in aggregate sub-groups, to understand the dynamics between speakers and best communication/education practices.  Verilogue never discloses identifying information of any physicians or patients, and follows the highest medical ethical standards in protecting the conversations and personal information of our research participants.

As the world’s leading healthcare communications expert, Verilogue strives to uphold all Global ethical standards and beliefs.  We are also certified by BHBIA and follow their legal and ethical guidelines in order to protect research participants.  Additionally, we carefully follow country-specific ethical and data safety standards, and have developed novel approaches such as digitally disguising voices, to ensure full participant identity protection.  Within the US, our methodology and human subjects standards have been carefully reviewed and approved by numerous Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), including those at such institutions as the renown Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the widely accepted New England IRB.  We also adhere to the CASRO code of standards and ethics.

We are on a mission to help the world’s top health and wellness organizations fulfill unmet patient and provider needs, overcome compliance challenges, and drive the development of new medical treatments. We believe that physicians and patients must be able to make well-informed choices about participating in marketing research.  As a result, Verilogue strives to clarify to participants at all educational levels about the nature of the research we conduct, how long it will take, what all the risks might be, and highlight all steps we take to protect patients and physicians-alike.  We believe participation is voluntary; our participants should choose whatever level of participation is right for them and may stop the recording at any time.

Verilogue is aware that physician-patient recordings may contain sensitive information and protecting their contents is paramount in importance.  Prior to analysis, all recordings are made fully anonymous by Verilogue to protect all persons’ identities. Such conversations are only analyzed and reported upon for the purposes of the project for which they are used.  Conversations are never used or shared for other legitimate purposes, such as physician training, without the express permission of both the physician and the patient in the recording.  Participants may contact Verilogue at any time and request that their recording be withdrawn from our database; Verilogue complies with each request.  The personal information we collect is never used for direct marketing purposes.

Pre-Screening Survey to be considered

Please take this pre-screening survey to be considered

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