We are conducting research on the topic of financial wellness with people in Atlanta, Seattle and NYC.

We are doing 2 types of in-person interviews:

  • In-Home or In-Office Interview: $1250 compensation. You would be interviewed twice over a three-week period. It is a one full-day home/work visit (6-8hrs), and one half-day home/work visit (3-4hrs). You would be answering questions regularly by phone/text (1 hr).
  • Or, a One-Day interview: $750 in compensation. We would meet once over a three-week period.  This could include meeting at your home in the morning and reconvening in the afternoon at your place of work. We would also observe a meeting with you and your financial advisor.

We would like to see if you can participate.  If you’re interested to participate, please take the pre-screener link to be considered: