Healthcare Interviews USA

SIS is conducting online in-depth interviews regarding healthcare conditions. The goal of this study is to:

  • Understand the participant’s health needs, pain points, and bright spots.
  • Find health needs, pain points, and bright spots across design target groups and geographies/communities
  • Discover conditions that might change how they engage with their health
  • Understand participant’s attitudes, preferences, values, relationships, and daily habits according to their:
    • Provider relationships
    • Family dynamics
    • Socio-cultural influences
    • Community access to healthcare

Participants who qualify, who are selected and who complete the 70-90 minute interview will be compensated with $50 USD.

We would first like to see if this study is a fit.  Please take one or both of the pre-screeners to be considered.

Click here to be considered – Healthcare Conditions Screener

Click here to be considered – Women’s Screener


Healthcare Market Research and Strategy