SIS International is currently organizing women in NYC to participate in a research project that includes 2 week in-home use hair care tests (shampoo & conditioner), using the wearable devices + Android mobile app.


During the test period you need to:
1. Put away your usual shampoo and conditioner.
2. Use only the test shampoo and conditioner we will provide you.
3. There are 6 products, and each product has to be tested 2 times ( codes and sequencing orders will be provided in the app) – for 2 weeks.
4. Keep the same hair care routine that you currently have.
5. Do not switch other hair care products or brands (including styling product) that you currently have.
6. Do not cut or trim your hair.
7. Do not use chemical treatment (perm, straighten or color your hair).
8. Use the shampoo and conditioner only for you (do not share with family members).


The compensation upon successful completion of this study is $250.

If you are interested and willing to participate in this study, please take the screener below.

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