Health and Wellness screening in Montgomery, Alabama March 2018

Compensated Research in Alabama

SIS International Research is working on behalf of a research organization that is offerring a Health and Wellness screening in which your insurance company will pay for the screening.  There will be no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Respondents will complete an on-site survey in Montgomery, Alabama and will be tested for Cholesterol, Glucose, Airborne Allergies, Food Sensitivity, Cancer Markers, Cardiac Markers, Thyroid/ Hormone, and Comprehensive Metabolic Testing as well as other Wellness Panels. All with one simple blood draw.

The in-person process will last 30 minutes and you will be compensated $75.00 for completing the process.

Families can be tested together as a group.

The study will take place in Montgomery AL on Monday March 12.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the questions below on a computer (mobile devices may not load the questions below).

If the questions do not load, you can access the questions here