Online Community Accounting Study

We are currently recruiting for an online community for an international Accounting Software provider.

This online community will run from August to the beginning of October. If you are selected, you will be given the opportunity to co-create future accounting plans. You will be asked to participate in a range of online activities, from forum-style discussions to depth interviews, that you are able to complete in your own time.

As part of this community, you will be able to connect with consumers, business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers. As well as being able to grow your networks, you will enter a monthly prize draw rewarding you for your feedback!

The community and its activities will take place in English.

Participants who qualify, who are selected and who complete all activities will be compensated with between $125-150 USD after completing the research.

If you are interested in participating, we need you to complete this short pre-screening survey fist so we can determine if you are a good fit for this study:

Click here to take the pre-screener to be considered