>Brand Perception in Home Goods Market

Brand Perception in Home Goods Market

Brand Perception in Home Goods Market

Study Overview

In September 2013, SIS measured brand awareness and other drivers of strong brand equity and compared findings to prior study conducted in October 2010. Total ending sample included nearly 2,000 responses (200 being national sample).

SIS provide an econometric analysis of each key location as part of the larger brand analysis.

Case Study Overview

DateSeptember 2013
SectorHome Goods
Geography7 US cities
Methodologies EmployedPrimary (N = 244)
Time14 days

Brand Categories Under Study


Without awareness, nothing else matters. There is no brand and there are few sales.

Relevant Differentiation

Is your brand unique in ways that are compelling to the customer?


Do people shopping your brand’s category perceive your brand to deliver a good or excellent value for the price paid?


Do people perceive your brand to be easy to find and purchase?

Emotional connection

Are people emotionally connected to your brand in some way? Most purchase decisions are driven by emotions.

Key Findings and Recommendations

  • Findings of our study revealed that the client’s furniture brand perception among respondents was of high quality, specifically in terms of “value for price” and “quality” (e.g., relieves back pressure, range in materials such as leather and other product characteristics)
  • However, awareness of the bran was still low relative to competition, and that the company underperforms competition within similar price range.
  • Given these and other findings, SIS recommended that the client should continue positioning its brand at a premium, leveraging the company’s strong design and innovation culture

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