Branding & Customer Research


Establishing a unique and differentiated brand identity is essential for every product in every market.

Brands without a true “voice” that clearly conveys a product or service’s value to customers are likely to get lost amongst a sea of competitors and quickly vanish from consumer consciousness. Understanding your market is the key to developing strong brand messaging and ensuring the success and longevity of a product or service.

Getting the Lay of the Land

SIS takes a unique approach to Branding Market Research.  We combine several forms of insight generation to provide clients with a clear and detailed understanding of their market. We start with the facts. Before a company can implement an effective strategy for its brand in the future, it must understand the current landscape of consumer perception.

We answer key questions such as:

Our Comprehensive Research Solutions

  • Qualitative Focus Groups: Our in-house moderators have years of experience conducting effective branding focus group discussions, and our recruitment staff is highly trained at selecting highly targeted respondents to deliver insight on our client’s consumer base.

  • Quantitative Market Research: A large-scale online, telephone, or mobile survey will then establish brand performance measure like customer satisfaction, large-scale brand equity, and brand attributes and associations.

  • Strategic Market Intelligence & Competitor Analysis: With an unprecedented amount of data and information available on the internet, our full service strategy and market intelligence division can provide an incisive look into your competitors’ branding and positioning strategies. Understanding the competing messaging in your market landscape is essential to effective brand positioning.

  • Social Media Analytics: Our advanced methods for conducting research through social channels can augment your understanding how consumers perceive a brand, and identify the trends that are shaping the future of your market.

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