Online Interviews with Physicians and Hospital Professionals

SIS Research is conducting compensated online interviews nationwide with physicians and hospital members who have experience of treating Pancreatitis, Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (intra-abdominal hypertension (IAH)) with Intra-abdominal Pressure (bladder pressure/vesicular pressure) Monitoring Device (ex. IAP monitoring devices) within one month and have decision-making experience related to Intra-abdominal Pressure Monitoring (bladder pressure/vesicular pressure).


  • in Surgery ICU (Traumatology or General Surgical Medicine or Cardiovascular Surgery)
  • in Internal Medicine ICU ( General Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology or Hepatology)

Members in Hospital value analysis committee

  • Risk mitigation specialist
  • Supply chain specialist
  • Procurement manager
  • Administrator (hospital board)

Members in Trauma Center value analysis committee

  • Supply chain specialist
  • Administrator (hospital board)

We are providing between $300-$350 compensation for those who qualify and participate in the web interview.

This will be a 90-120 min online discussion.

If you’re interested, please complete a short pre-screening survey to be considered for this project: