Online Bulletin Board in the UK, Singapore, Canada and Australia

SIS Research is conducting a compensated online bulletin board with CIOs, CFOs, COOs, digital strategy (Chief Digital Officer), etc. at a corporate, divisional, and brand level.  They may also be people heading lines of business, those with P&L responsibility for a line of business such as household cleaners in a CPG manufacturing company.

SIS is also conducting a bulleting board with Business and IT professionals who have been out of university and working in the corporate world for 1 – 5 years.

  • Roles where this would be part of their job responsibility:
  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. IT Infrastructure Modernization (including Cloud Services, Application Transformation / Modernization)
  3. Digital Product and Software Engineering (including Application Design, Development, and Management)
  4. Industry-Specific Platforms (to operate core business functions and processes, e.g., CRM, SCM, HR, industry-specific processes)
  5. Intelligent Process Automation (including Robotic Process Automation – RPA)
  6. Interactive Services (to optimize interactive experiences including Digital Customer Experience)
  7. Internet of Things

We are providing between $250 – $400 compensation for those who qualify and participate in the online bulletin board.

If you’re interested, please complete a short pre-screening survey to be considered for this project:

Click here to participate if you are a Business or IT professional who has been out of university and working in the corporate world for 1 – 5 years

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