Michigan State University (MSU) has founded a campus in Dubai’s Knowledge Village. The program offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at the same level of rigor as MSU’s flagship campus in East Lansing, Michigan.

Bachelor degree programs include Computer Engineering, Construction Management, Media Management, Early Childhood Education, and Child and Youth Development. Its Master’s program offers degrees in Human Resources and Labor Relations, Retailing and Educational Technology

MSU is following a major trend of universities founding campuses throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East Gulf and in East Asia. The globalization of Western Universities allows professors and students to study abroad and enrich themselves, and at the same time provides students in those countries to gain a worldclass education without having to travel across the world.

Major foreign universities in the Middle East include Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Texas A&M University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Insead, and Cornell University’s Weill Medical College.